Abrasion & Wear Services, Inc. (AWS)

We provide flame (thermal) spray coating services that will minimize abrasion and wear to a wide range and scope of applications. Metals, ceramics, and cermets can be flame sprayed to rebuild worn parts, produce wear resistant surfaces, improve resistance to corrosion, reduce weight, provide resistance to heat, and to lower operating costs.
Thermal spray process

In addition to our coating services, AWS is your source for:

  • Ingersoll Rand gas turbine-powered generators, otherwise known as microturbines

  • Multi-purpose furnaces and accessories from Oxy-Gon Industries, Inc.


Thermal Spray Coating

AWS provides coatings for wear resistance, thermal barriers, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, weight reduction, material cost savings, and reconditioning worn parts.

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Microturbine Sales

Microturbines by Ingersoll Rand create solutions for customers by offering opportunities to generate revenue, save energy, reduce emissions, meet power and thermal needs, and increase productivity. AWS can help you to determine which furnace is right for your application.

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Controlled Environment & Gettering Furnace Sales

AWS sells furnaces by Oxy-Gon Industries. They manufacture the highest quality vacuum and inert atmosphere (gas) furnaces, furnace elements. Furnaces include: top loading, bottom loading, gas purification, regenerative gettering, crystal growth, tensile testing, fiber drawing furnaces and much more.

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Reduced Costs

  • Wear Resistance: Our ceramic coating process provides a much harder and more wear and abrasion resistance than metals.
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings: Provides a thermal barrier to protect underlying substrate and can protect metals at temperatures up to 4500°F (2480°C).
  • Corrosion Resistance: Ceramics are chemically inert, even in the presence of corrosive chemicals.
  • Weight Reduction: Often, steel components can be substituted with a lighter substrate material and coated to provide heat and wear resistance.
  • Material Cost Savings: Flame sprayed ceramic coatings can give "enhanced" properties to relatively inexpensive materials.
  • Reconditioning Worn Parts: The expense of replacing worn parts can be greatly reduced, and in some cases eliminated with ceramic flame spray coatings.
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Ceramic Coated Pistons
(saved over $46,000 in costs)

I was left with the choice of replacing the pump at a cost of $50,000, exclusive of labor [...] or having Abrasion & Wear Services rebuild the pistons using their coating techniques. I used AWS because of the cost and my success with them in the past. The cost to rebuild the two pistons was approximately $2,400.

-- Lad Kornacki, Chief Operator,
St. Marys Wastewater Treatment

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Ceramic Coated Graphite Plates
(integral part of production processes)

Abrasion & Wear Services supplies to us ceramic coated graphite plates to be used in our vacuum furnace sintering processes and our brazing process. [...] the plates last much longer than the stainless steel plates and can be recoated with ceramic to extend the life of the plates.

-- Thomas Leszyk, Manufacturing Engineer, Eaton Corporation

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Spray Coating Applied to Fixtures

The spray coating that you applied to our fixtures has increased the wear life.

-- Shelly Schneider, President, J & S Grinding

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Ceramic Coated Graphite Fixtures (successful partnership)

Thank you so much for your continued critical function in our brazing fixture coating process. Your ceramic coating is extremely important to the success of our final product, Recouperators / Microturbines.

-- David T Smith, Manufacturing Manager, Recouperator Operations at Ingersoll Rand

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Abrasion & Wear Services, Inc. is your single source specialist for thermal spray coatings and the sales of Ingersoll microturbines and Oxy-Gon furnaces in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Maryland.